How to Create Good Courses Fast Without Getting Overwhelmed with Too Many Options, Technology or Wasting Your Time
Join me! I am answering the TOP questions I get about creating, marketing, and selling online courses.
In this Master Class you will learn:
How much does it really cost to create an online course. 
What courses and digital products sell most online. 
​How to market and sell online courses when you dislike "selling".
How to know if you are ready to create an online course for your business.
The best way to create effective content so people actually get results with your course or products.
What you can do to sell your online course even if you don't have an email list.
What are the best tools for creating online courses and digital products.
​How to avoid getting overwhelmed with all the technology stuff.
Tai Goodwin is the CEO of Profit Momentum and the creator of Profit Academy. Her specialty is helping high-achieving women entrepreneurs make their brilliance bankable with high-ticket offers, online courses and digital products.
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