Tired of being "Facebook Rich" and profit poor? 
Create Consistent $5K Months as a Coach, Consultant, or Service-Based Entrepreneur 
Without Wasting Time on Pointless Marketing Stuff That Doesn't Work.
I went from making $500 a month to having consistent $5K months. Want to know how?
I've been there. I spent years being "Facebook Rich" and profit poor - having lots of likes and comments, but not getting clients. And I turned things around.

Join me and learn how I got my first $5K month and how I went on to turn that into 5-figure months. You'll discover:
  • How To Find Complete Clarity about what you can offer that people are willing to pay for.
  • Discover why marketing can be easier than you think even if you haven't gotten results in the past.
  • The Connection Between Your Confidence and Your Pricing, (and how to up-level them both).
  • How to package your experience, knowledge and expertise ​in a way that attracts high-paying clients (and repels tike-kickers).
  • The real reasons most people struggle with selling (And it's not what you think!).
  • And So Much More...
Your Host: Tai Goodwin
Tai Goodwin is a business growth strategist and vision midwife. She helps women own their brilliance and make it bankable with high-ticket program, digital products, and online courses.
In The Media...
What Past Clients Have Said....

I feel equipped to present my business to the world...

Working with Tai helped me figure out how to organize all the stuff floating in my head. She helped me map out my signature system in a way to finally made sense to me and my prospects. She has a way with words that is invaluable. I feel equipped to present my business to the world. - Julia Winston, Leadership Coach

Tai helped me get focused..

Tai helped me get focused and clearer on understanding who my audience is and how they can find me. She was excellent at coming up words and concise language that describes exactly how I can help my audience. She helped me to know what my audience needs to hear to connect them with me. Tai has a wonderful personality with quick insight that will get you results. She is fun to work with and truly cares about you and who you serve. Thank you, Tai, for helping me so I can help those who are looking for me. - Emmy Vadnais, founder Holistic Occupational Therapy.org. 

The course I took was top notch...

Tai never ceases to amaze me. I've followed her for some time now and she really is an expert when it comes to knowing how to profit more and work less. I have learned so much from her. The course I took was top-notch and really helped me move forward with the whole idea of lead generation as well as passive income and things I could do to improve this area of my business significantly. - Michelle Bergh (Wordpress Consultant)

Tai is invaluable...

Tai has been an awesome and inspirational coach and has guided me to achieve goals that I was too overwhelmed to complete on my own. She helped me to get organized and form a clear vision of where I am and where I want to be and then to build the bridge to get there and to start the walk over the bridge. Her vision and insight into people and helping them to see their own vision is priceless. As a coach, Tai is invaluable to her clients in her professionalism and her realist attitude. -Andrea Green, Project Management Consultant
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